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Holux GR-213u


Holux GR-213u

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* Holux GR-213u GPS Receiver Appearance

* Holux GR-213u GPS Receiver Datasheet and specifications

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Holux GR-213u GPS Receiver

Holux GR-213u GPS Receiver Specifications
Brand Holux
Model GR-213u
Type GPS Receiver
Shape Tablet
ReceiverTracks up to satellites


Receiver L1, C/A code
Max update rate 1 HZ
Acquisition time
  Reacquisition: 0.1sec.averaged
  Hot start: 8 sec., averaged
  Warm start: 38 sec., averaged
  Cold start: 42 sec., averaged
Position accuracy
  Non DGPS (Differential GPS)
  Position: 5-25 m CEP without SA
  Velocity: 0.1 m/sec, without SA
  Time: 1 usec sync GPS Time
  < 2.2 m, horizontal 95% of time
  < 5 m, vertical 95% of time
  Dynamic Conditions:
  Altitude: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet ) max
  Velocity: 515 meters / second (700 knots) max
  Acceleration: 4 G, max
  Jerk: 20 meters/second, max
Antenna Type

Built in Patch Antenna

Minimum signal tracked
Dimension 2.54 × 1.65 × 0.7 Inch
Weight  < 84g
LED function
  Power On/Off and Navigation
  Update Indication
Operating temperature
-10 ℃ to +60 ℃
Storage temperature
-20 ℃ to +70 ℃
Operating humidity
5% to 95% No condensing.
Power consumption
< 80mA at 4.5- 5.5V input
Protocol and interface
  NMEA output protocol: V.2.2
  Baud rate: 4800 bps
  Data bit: 8
  Parity: N
  Stop bit: 1
  Format: GGA,GSA,GSV, RMC.
  Baud rate: 9600,19200,38400
  Format: GLL,VTG, ZDA, SiRF
  USB interface
GR-213u Firmware/Drivers/User Guide
Firmware download Holux GR-213u firmware/Driver Download
Specifications Holux GR-213u Datasheet
User Guide Holux GR-213u User Manual
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