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Holux GPSport 245 Lite


Holux M-1000C

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* Holux M-1000C GPS Receiver Appearance

* Holux M-1000C GPS Receiver Datasheet and specifications

* M-1000C GPS Receiver applications

* Download M-1000C use guide/manual

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Holux M-1000C GPS Receiver

Holux M-1000C GPS Receiver Specifications
Brand Holux
Model M-1000C
Type GPS Receiver
Shape Tablet
Chipset MTK MT3329 chipset.
Channels 66 parallel satellite-search channels.

1575.42 MHz

Receiver L1, C/A code.
 Baud Rate

38400 bps

Data bit 8
Size 62.5 × 41 × 17.1 mm
Weight < 53 g
Use Limitation

Altitude < 18,000 meters (60,000 feet)

Velocity: < 515 meters/ second (1000Knots)

Acceleration 4 G.

˙erk 20 meters / second3, max

Receiver Accuracy

Normal: < 3 meters CEP without SA.

Enable EGNOS or WAAS

Position:  < 2.2 meters, horizontal 95% of time, <  5 meters, Vertical 95% of time

Velocity within 0.1 meters / second

Time: 0.1 microsecond synchronized GPS time

Power Supply

External Voltage: 5V DC +/-5%


Main Power: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion for system power.

˙Working voltage: 30~40mA (Normal mode).

25 mA (Power Saving).

˙Auto Power Saving mode.

˙ Circuit protection on C when over-temperature condition 50℃ occurs.

Bluetooth frequency 2.4 ~2.48GHz
Bluetooth Input Sensitivity -85dBm
Low sensitivity of receiving satellite signal  -165 dBm
LED Functions Indicate Bluetooth status, GPS status, Battery Status andBattery charging status
Certificate CE,FCC
M-1000C Firmware/Drivers/User Guide
Firmware download Holux M-1000C firmware/Driver Download
Specifications Holux M-1000C Datasheet
User Guide Holux M-1000C User Manual
Holux M-1000C Accessories
USB cable Buy it Here
AC adapter plug (Optional) Buy it Here
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